Monday, November 16, 2009

Were Back! Introducing Ruby Dog!

It's been a long time since we updated Jilli's blog. So many wonderful things have happened recently. There is much to catch up on... here is one important bit of news!

We are so happy to welcome
into our happy little canine family,
Jilli and Spidey's new little sister,

"Ruby Dog Caran!"

As most of you know, the wonderful "Jilli Dog" came to us in a miraculous way, having been a sickly stray, picked up on the street... She turned out to be a charming little genius, doing many wonderful tricks, and making millions of people smile worldwide, in live shows, on TV, and the internet... Then came Spidey Chihuahua, our next little miracle! Given up by people who couldn't keep him, and thought to be un-trainable, he soon learned some very cool tricks of his own, and we fell in love with him too, and joined Jilli's act! They have done events around the country, and even in Sweden, many of them for fundaraisers for charities and rescue groups... Jilli has been the Goodwill Ambassador to "Yorkshire Terrier National
Rescue" (YTNR), for over 2 years now...

Thanks to the generosity of our good friend, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, founder and president of YTNR, and Patti Hood, rthe espected Yorkie and horse breeder ('Whinnies'), both of Nashville, Tenn, we received our newest miracle, "RUBY"... Timing is everything! Mary Elizabeth was looking for a little female for me at YTNR, when Patti so generously offered the pick of a current litter, to go to some deserving YTNR volunteer... Not only did Mary Elizabeth pick me to receive this wonderful little bundle of love, but she picked a pup that she thought would be similar to Jilli, and she was amazingly
correct!!! She is incredible, beautiful, and a smart! Another miracle!

If you can get to one of Jilli's shows, you can see the sheer joy the people get when Ruby does her 5 minute spot of basic, but very enthusiastic tricks!

Thank you so much Mary Elizabeth, YTNR (and the wonderful family of volunteers around the US), and Patty Hood! P.S. Since Patty saw that Mary Elizabeth fell in love with Ruby while she was caring for her as a pup, she is reserving a pup for her in the next litter! Nice folk, those Yorkie people!

Visit our website for more photos of Ruby,

Watch our Videos of Jilli doing amazing things!

Play the Interactive Hartgard Game starring Jilli Dog!
An internet favorite. Enter vogue and see what Jilli does!

Monday, May 5, 2008

We're back in the 21st century!

Hi all! I started this blog over a year ago, and it has been in cob webs for a year! LOL! Well, we hope to maintain it now, as well as our new web site!

This is going to be a dog oriented blog! Top Dog, as well as a cute lap dog... Info, training tips, show off your pet column, videos, interviews and more.

Jilli Dog is one of the Top Trick Trained Dogs in the country! She has been on "The Today Show", "ABC News", Las Vegas Fox News, Animal Planet "Pet Trends", CMT's "Country Fried Video", Australia's "Great Outdoors", Japan's "Pochi-Tama", and much more, as well as fairs, Expo's, trade shows, conventions, corporate meetings and events etc!

Jilli is the "Goodwill Ambassador for the Yorkshire Terrier national Rescue"... A wonderful group of incredible volunteers!

Jilli is a Certified Therapy Dog with "Therapy Dogs International"...

Jilli is currently in a national Talent contest!

Well it's 1am, I have to be up early, and I just wanted to say 'hi', and start the ball rolling! Drop us a line!

Best regards, Rick

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jilli Dog and Rick Caran Newsletter!

Hey All!

I hope that this letter finds you all well and happy!

So far 2007 has been busy, fun and very exciting! Never a dull moment! Jilli is learning some new tricks! She does a few magic tricks, and she plays basketball, very enthusiastically! Yes, you can teach old dawgs (8 yrs old), especially if you maintain fun type training sessions "5 Minutes A Day", where 'learning' becomes a fun, regular part of life...

Here are some of the highlights, and many pics of these events are posted on Jill's site in the 'Public Appearances' link...

*We were thrillled to be contacted by Yorky Club International, based in Italy, and to be interviewed by Henny Lidal from Norway for their very sharp magazine! . It's a super club for Yorky owners and lovers, and the bi-annual magazine ran a terrific 3 page spread of Jilli! The mag cover and article are viewable in the above attachments. Yorkie lovers might like to join!

*This is cool! Jilli Dog and I were invited to perform and be guests at the "Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue" Ball, on the Oct 4th, 5th and 6th weekend in Nashville Tenn! These are great people from all over the country, who are doing a wonderful service! Yorkie lovers are welcome! Check it out! There are also some very interesting subjects in the site, such as dealing with 'Collapsing Tracea', a problem for many small breed dogs...

*Look for Jilli in a "Target Store" commercial, soon to be on TV! She ends the spot in a face to face pose with a beautiful Weimeraner, about 15x bigger than she...

* Well, Jilli has gone international in print in the above magazine, and she is ALSO an international TV Star!!! lol! In Feb we went to San Francisco, where we shot a spot for the Australian TV show "The great Outdoors"... A great group of folks, and lots of fun! Video will be posted when it airs in Au... This was part of the SF Yorkie Meetup...

*We met up with our great Yorkie Lovin Friends of the San Francisco Yorkie Meetup, who have been internet pals for years! Lucy Wu, Wendy Gregoire and John Friedberg are great organizers and people, and so were the over 120 other members that were there! Check this club out if you are a Yorkie Lover...

*We also finally met up with a great pal and dog trainer Lana Anderson, of 'Busy Bee Dogs' and her husband Herb... Lana has been so supportive, inspirational and informative for I guess 5 years. She has a great Dog and Pony Show, that performs at sports events, parties, TV all around the country. She and Herb were wonderful hosts to my son Jamie, Jilli and me! We entertained each other with mini dog shows! (busdrivers holiday!-) Great act

*The best part was I got to spend a week with Jamie, with me so proudly seeing him operate his recording studio and recording label , teaching a kid band, and playing the beautiful music that I miss so much around the house when he and his brother Kevin supplied around the home, way back when... And it was fun for him to see 1st hand what his little canine sister is doing! He called Jilli a 'Rock Star' after seeing her get the reception she did, all 5 lbs of her!

*NEXT scheduled public event! We are doing an encore performance at a very cool 'Walk-a-thon' for the 'Little Shelter' at the Smith Haven Mall in Smithtown. April 22, 2007, 9am-11am... Great cause and really nice people! Check it out!

Again, thanks so much to so many of you for the support, nice emails, referrals and friendship! This little pup still gives me and most who see her a real kick! I'm beginning to organize a book and DVD about her, and Jamie is producing my song "5 Minutes A Day" for it... About Jilli, about training, about the Joy and Love capable between human and canine... If you have any publishing connections, lemme know!

Best regards and be healthy and happy, Rick n Jilli Dog

Rick Caran

Monday, January 8, 2007

Jilli Dog's New Year's Newsletter


Wow, what a year it has been on a personal level for 'Jilli Dog' and me! We've done so many things (of course, that's 'Jilli, I went along for the ride!!!=): TV shows, Fairs and Expos, Appearances, etc, but the wildest thing is that little 90 second video, of 'Jilli Dog Playing Poker' and the legs it got on the internet! It was a totally home type movie, with Jilli as the actor, and me as the cameraman, timekeeper, and such, animal handler, set designer (a blanket on a table.LOL) and such, but I guess the hook was it showed in a minute and a half, the sweet charm and genius of this tiny dog...

People have emailed us from Asia, Europe, and around the US, many of them saying they were inspired by Jilli and had success in bringing out the genius in their pups!

This year we were contacted by "Animal Planets Pet Trends", 'Rachael Ray Show", "Today Show", "Ellen Show", "Martha Stewart Show", "Las Vegas FOX 5", "Indianapolis FOX 5", "David Letterman Show", "The New Yorkers", "The Big Broadcast", "NY Rocks", "Staten Island Comedy Show" and I think a few more. We appeared on most of them, and are listed on Ellen and David Letterman! Jilli was in the SAG movie "Austins Angels" and she appeared at the wonderful "Samantha's Little Bit of Heaven"!!!

Jilli again was one of the 3 featured shows at the "LI Pet Expo 2006" at the Nassau Coliseum, run by Dennis and Karen Garetano. Great Show!!! We have done volunteer performances for the Rescue/Shelters "North Shore Animal League America", "Little Shelter", and "BARC Shelter" to help promote the rescue and adoption of pets... There are so many, and there are also so many wonderful success stories... The 'Long Islander' newspaper did a wonderful, full page spread on Jilli!, as did the 'Bark' Magazine, 'Yorkie International' and more (coming soon)...
NEW!!! JILLI'S BLOG!!! linked on site

I realize that I'm running on here, but I am still amazed at what interest a 5 lb fluffy dynamo of a Yorkie Dog can create! And the JOY and SMILES she can spread!!! There's so much more info and we have JUST added a BLOG to Jilli's site, so please visit it, contact us with any questions or chats, and see the many new pics we have in it... Still working on it, but for now, you can access the blog and many pictures in the 'Schedule of Events" page! Mebbe some of you are in these pics, or soon will be!

Ah Yes! In 2007, Jilli and I will join with our very good friends in the San Francisco Yorkie Meetup, to do a shoot for a spot on the Australian TV Show "The Great Out Doors"... She'll do some of her cool Dog Tricks, and then demo her "Yorkie Plays Poker" as a segue for the TV shows segment on Poker... Fun!

Sincerely thanking so many of you for the great support and enthusiasm you have sent through emails, attending Jill's events, leads, love and more! We hope we have helped some people to train their dogs and to ADOPT needy dogs and cats from the many great Rescue organizations in your community!


*Joining Jilli in pic above is her brother, 'Spidey', who is doing great, and is sometimes a guest in Jilli's shows!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Welcome to Jilli's Blog

We're trying out this new way to interact with Jilli Dog's fans. If you have a question or comment about Jilli, we'd love to hear from you.