Monday, November 16, 2009

Were Back! Introducing Ruby Dog!

It's been a long time since we updated Jilli's blog. So many wonderful things have happened recently. There is much to catch up on... here is one important bit of news!

We are so happy to welcome
into our happy little canine family,
Jilli and Spidey's new little sister,

"Ruby Dog Caran!"

As most of you know, the wonderful "Jilli Dog" came to us in a miraculous way, having been a sickly stray, picked up on the street... She turned out to be a charming little genius, doing many wonderful tricks, and making millions of people smile worldwide, in live shows, on TV, and the internet... Then came Spidey Chihuahua, our next little miracle! Given up by people who couldn't keep him, and thought to be un-trainable, he soon learned some very cool tricks of his own, and we fell in love with him too, and joined Jilli's act! They have done events around the country, and even in Sweden, many of them for fundaraisers for charities and rescue groups... Jilli has been the Goodwill Ambassador to "Yorkshire Terrier National
Rescue" (YTNR), for over 2 years now...

Thanks to the generosity of our good friend, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, founder and president of YTNR, and Patti Hood, rthe espected Yorkie and horse breeder ('Whinnies'), both of Nashville, Tenn, we received our newest miracle, "RUBY"... Timing is everything! Mary Elizabeth was looking for a little female for me at YTNR, when Patti so generously offered the pick of a current litter, to go to some deserving YTNR volunteer... Not only did Mary Elizabeth pick me to receive this wonderful little bundle of love, but she picked a pup that she thought would be similar to Jilli, and she was amazingly
correct!!! She is incredible, beautiful, and a smart! Another miracle!

If you can get to one of Jilli's shows, you can see the sheer joy the people get when Ruby does her 5 minute spot of basic, but very enthusiastic tricks!

Thank you so much Mary Elizabeth, YTNR (and the wonderful family of volunteers around the US), and Patty Hood! P.S. Since Patty saw that Mary Elizabeth fell in love with Ruby while she was caring for her as a pup, she is reserving a pup for her in the next litter! Nice folk, those Yorkie people!

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