Monday, January 8, 2007

Jilli Dog's New Year's Newsletter


Wow, what a year it has been on a personal level for 'Jilli Dog' and me! We've done so many things (of course, that's 'Jilli, I went along for the ride!!!=): TV shows, Fairs and Expos, Appearances, etc, but the wildest thing is that little 90 second video, of 'Jilli Dog Playing Poker' and the legs it got on the internet! It was a totally home type movie, with Jilli as the actor, and me as the cameraman, timekeeper, and such, animal handler, set designer (a blanket on a table.LOL) and such, but I guess the hook was it showed in a minute and a half, the sweet charm and genius of this tiny dog...

People have emailed us from Asia, Europe, and around the US, many of them saying they were inspired by Jilli and had success in bringing out the genius in their pups!

This year we were contacted by "Animal Planets Pet Trends", 'Rachael Ray Show", "Today Show", "Ellen Show", "Martha Stewart Show", "Las Vegas FOX 5", "Indianapolis FOX 5", "David Letterman Show", "The New Yorkers", "The Big Broadcast", "NY Rocks", "Staten Island Comedy Show" and I think a few more. We appeared on most of them, and are listed on Ellen and David Letterman! Jilli was in the SAG movie "Austins Angels" and she appeared at the wonderful "Samantha's Little Bit of Heaven"!!!

Jilli again was one of the 3 featured shows at the "LI Pet Expo 2006" at the Nassau Coliseum, run by Dennis and Karen Garetano. Great Show!!! We have done volunteer performances for the Rescue/Shelters "North Shore Animal League America", "Little Shelter", and "BARC Shelter" to help promote the rescue and adoption of pets... There are so many, and there are also so many wonderful success stories... The 'Long Islander' newspaper did a wonderful, full page spread on Jilli!, as did the 'Bark' Magazine, 'Yorkie International' and more (coming soon)...
NEW!!! JILLI'S BLOG!!! linked on site

I realize that I'm running on here, but I am still amazed at what interest a 5 lb fluffy dynamo of a Yorkie Dog can create! And the JOY and SMILES she can spread!!! There's so much more info and we have JUST added a BLOG to Jilli's site, so please visit it, contact us with any questions or chats, and see the many new pics we have in it... Still working on it, but for now, you can access the blog and many pictures in the 'Schedule of Events" page! Mebbe some of you are in these pics, or soon will be!

Ah Yes! In 2007, Jilli and I will join with our very good friends in the San Francisco Yorkie Meetup, to do a shoot for a spot on the Australian TV Show "The Great Out Doors"... She'll do some of her cool Dog Tricks, and then demo her "Yorkie Plays Poker" as a segue for the TV shows segment on Poker... Fun!

Sincerely thanking so many of you for the great support and enthusiasm you have sent through emails, attending Jill's events, leads, love and more! We hope we have helped some people to train their dogs and to ADOPT needy dogs and cats from the many great Rescue organizations in your community!


*Joining Jilli in pic above is her brother, 'Spidey', who is doing great, and is sometimes a guest in Jilli's shows!


Amy said...

You Rock, Jilli

Anonymous said...

Jili Your Awesome i love you i wanna meet rick your cool to but no as adotble as jilli sorry

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jilli Dog ROCKS Where do you live i want to meet her! so does my friend, Who is PUSHING ME
Jilli Dog ROCKS Where do you live i want to meet her! so does my friend, Who is PUSHING ME
Jilli Dog ROCKS Where do you live i want to meet her! so does my friend, Who is PUSHING ME

Anonymous said...

ME aGAIN jillic doggggggg

Anonymous said...

i would like to train my pup like jilli. my puppy is also a yorkshire terrier and i would luv her to do tricks like jilli!
Rick would you mind posting how to train a pup either on your website or your blog!