Monday, May 5, 2008

We're back in the 21st century!

Hi all! I started this blog over a year ago, and it has been in cob webs for a year! LOL! Well, we hope to maintain it now, as well as our new web site!

This is going to be a dog oriented blog! Top Dog, as well as a cute lap dog... Info, training tips, show off your pet column, videos, interviews and more.

Jilli Dog is one of the Top Trick Trained Dogs in the country! She has been on "The Today Show", "ABC News", Las Vegas Fox News, Animal Planet "Pet Trends", CMT's "Country Fried Video", Australia's "Great Outdoors", Japan's "Pochi-Tama", and much more, as well as fairs, Expo's, trade shows, conventions, corporate meetings and events etc!

Jilli is the "Goodwill Ambassador for the Yorkshire Terrier national Rescue"... A wonderful group of incredible volunteers!

Jilli is a Certified Therapy Dog with "Therapy Dogs International"...

Jilli is currently in a national Talent contest!

Well it's 1am, I have to be up early, and I just wanted to say 'hi', and start the ball rolling! Drop us a line!

Best regards, Rick


Sandra Morris said...

Hi Rick & Jilli,
So pleased your blog is up and running again. Now we can keep up with Jilli's adventures.
Best wishes
Sandra & Lucy (aka small dog)

Todd said...

Rick, you forgot to mention that Jilli is a MAJOR BABE! She's got an open invitation to join me for some Greenies next time you guys are in Philly. --Todd

Anonymous said...

hey Todd, do we know you? You can see I haven't kept up here, actually have been on faceBk, but still not up to par with how it works!!! Could it be age?-)

thanks for the invite, Todd, we might get back yo Philly soon!? We are all over the place! it's fun!

best regards, rick and jilli dog

Trina said...

Hi Rick & Jilli,

It is a pleasure to see such a wonderful Yorkie do so many amazing things. My Lily is now a year old and she brings such joy to my life. Yorkies have such an amazing personality. I would love to teach my Lily to do just a quarter of what your Jilli does =) I would love to meet you and Jilli someday, I would be honered. I would love to get some good yorkie advice from you some day. Have a wonderful evening and give Jilli a big hug from Trina & Lily out in Connecticut.